"When A Man Luvs A Woman"
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Authoress Kathy McClure



So many questions can arise when you are in a relationship.  It is not always easy to transition from one relationship to another.  Who has the energy to invest in a new one? 


While in a relationship, thoughts could run through your mind of questions for stance: 1) am I good enough; 2) have we grown apart; 3) what happened to the love; 4) is he or she seeing someone else; and 5) etc.


Couples stay together for one reason or another, although, the relationship may not be working.  One reason could be the fear of being rejected by someone new and you do not have time nor energy to start from the beginning. While you are in a relationship, try your best to stay together and work out a Plan of Action.


Sometimes all it takes are both parties coming together to talk about what may not be working and find a solution quickly to what might work.  If you do not come to a solution quickly, an argument can spark that can go on for hours, days and even weeks. 


Walking together and staying together for more reasons than just for the children is important to the stability and longevity of a relationship.  Both parties are needed in order to have a relationship, so agreeing with one another while sharing individual views may help you come to a happy medium. Respecting the other person's opinion is important because there is more than one way to handle a situation.


Coming to the same place at the same time is vital.  Because if one mate gets to a place and the other have not, it can cause a conflict in the relationship.  Have you heard the statement, we grew apart? Thus, one was going in one direction while the other was going in another.


Have you ever been broken hearted and in pain where it started creating certain illnesses? Well, “It is the HEART of the Matter.”  Too often, one or both will do things to one another not thinking that the other mate has feelings.  Women we cannot believe that men do not hurt and suffer pain of losing someone they love. Men experience Hemotions while women are very emotional creatures. 

When faced with a difficult time in my life, I wrote “When A Man Luvs A Woman.” This helped me use my pain and creativity blending both together to produce a thriller mystery Christian drama.


The main characters are:  Tommy, Sarah, TerriLynn and Peter who made decisions that may mirror your life with your mate. Each character expressed a part of me. 




DISCLAIMER:  Always seek professional marriage counseling to assist you in your relationship. 

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